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The most interesting SPEECHES and Motions ;'accurate
Copies of the most remarkable LETTERS and PAPERS;
of the most material EVIDENCE, PETITIONS, &c.

laid before and offered to the HOUSE,

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C o N T E N T S






Page IS Majesty's Speech on open- Speech of Mr. Fox in explanain the feffion


26 Viscount Compton's remarks on

of Mr. Pitt in reply 27 the King's speech

of Mr. Burke - moves for an humble ad.

of Mr. Grenville

28 dress to the King


-of Mr. Francis, Mr. PelMr. Montague's eulogium on the ham, and Mr. Burke

29 speech

of Mr. Minchin

30 Speech of Mr. Fox on that business Nr. Dempster presents a petition of Mr. Chancellor Pitt

13 from the presidency of Fort Wil. of Mr. Fox in reply thereto 17

liam in Bengal

ib. Mr. Sheridan states fome particu. Mr. Dempster presents another pe

lars relative to the time fixed for tition from the same presidency 36 the inquiry into Mr. Hastings's The House proceeds on the charges treatment of the Princesses of against Mr. Hastings

37 Oude

18 Mr. Pitt reminds the House of his Major Scott's opinion thereon 19 with to fix on a day for the conSpeech of Mr. Pitt on that occafion ib. fideration of the commercial The Speaker expresses his wishes treaty with France

that the House would settle the Observations of Mr. Pelham, Mr. order of ballotting to try election Fox, and Major Scott thereon petitions

Mr. Middleton called up to the bar His Majesty's answer to the ad- of the House

ib. dress ib. Mr. Rose presents the lottery bill

39 Address of the House to the King ib. Mr. Pitt moves for papers necessary Mr. Minchin moves for an account

for the House to have before them, of the woollen goods exported previous to che discussion of the from London to Portugal for a

French commercial treaty ib. certain period


Mr. Pelham makes several motions Mr. Pitt's fpeech on that motion ib. relative to our commerce with Speech of Mr. Fox thereon


40 -of Mr. Chancellor Pitt in Remarks of Mr. Pitt on those me. reply

cions VOL. XXI.






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