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A Manual of Law, Accounting, and
Procedure, for Executors, Ad-

ministrators, and Trustees


of the New York Bar.

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of the New York Bar; Lecturer . on “Trust Work of a
Bank, New York University; Vice-President and Trust

Officer, Fidelity Trust Company, New York City.

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Associate of the American Institute of Accountants; member
of Ellis, Pinkerton and Company, Certified Public Accountants.

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The purpose of this book is to provide a working manual for executors, administrators, and trustees, and for all others who hold property in trust. It is estimated that everything held in private possession changes ownership by reason of death, approximately three times each century. On its way, the greater part of this property passes through the hands of some executor, administrator, or personal representative of the former owner, and a very large proportion is held for a time in trust for the benefit of dependents or of those to whom it is later to go.

These trusts are created most frequently perhaps when property intended to furnish support for widows and minor children is left for long terms to trustees, to hold, manage, and pay over the income. There are excellent reasons, as set forth in the present work, why such trust estates are surer and safer than any other arrangement that can be made to provide for the welfare of a man's family.

As it becomes more widely known how readily property may be placed in trust and its income devoted to particular ends, without fear of loss or diversion to other purposes, this method of providing for one's family or for other dependents will increase in favor. The law relating to trusts will then take a proportionately more important place, and a knowledge of the rules which govern will become more essential. The present volume is intended to supply this in non-technical form.

Trust companies have for many years handled trust estates of this kind. National banks also may now hold and ad.

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