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Is bringing the first Volume of the “ CHURCH OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE” to a close, the Editors desire to express their heartfelt thanks to the Giver of all good for the measure of success with which he has been pleased to crown their labours. They trust that their chief object is the promotion of his glory : his continued blessing, therefore, they humbly and earnestly solicit. They are also bound to acknowledge with gratitude the kindness with which a large number of their brethren in the ministry have rendered them assistance. Many highly respected clergymen have, it is almost superfluous to say, signified their approval of the Magazine by furnishing sermons and other articles to its pages. But the Editors may be excused for dwelling on this fact, as they wish their readers fully to understand that no sermon appears in their Periodical except as printed from the manuscript specially supplied by its author. Both to those whose contributions have been already published, and to those from whom the Editors have received articles which will enrich succeeding Numbers, they offer their sincere and grateful thanks.

They may further be permitted to say, that for every particular sentiment, in those pieces especially to which an author's name is affixed, they do not hold themselves responsible. They would certainly not admit into their work an article which appeared to them deficient or erroneous on a point of any importance; but as the Magazine is on a large and comprehensive basis, intended to embrace all who are conscientiously and consistently members of our Apostolic Church, the Editors, while resolved to “contend earnestly for” the weighty essentials of “the faith which was once delivered to the saints," will always feel it their duty to stand aloof from those controversies about minor matters in which good men have in

every age of the Church been found to disagree. They desire to produce a work in which there may be no food for the angry passions of disputants, but where the humble Christian may find all those principles

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