Jesus in the Psalms

Front Cover, 2007 M11 1 - 288 pages
Jesus in the Psalms brings out astounding references to Jesus in every Psalm. You will be amazed at the things Jesus did before He ever walked on earth, prophecies written describing details of His life on earth, and prophecies of His coming reign as King of Kings. All in the Psalms!

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Psalm 1 The Man Christ Jesus 14 Psalm 2 The Anointed One Christ 15
Jesus Our righteousness 17
My King and My God 19 Psalm 6 The Comforter 21
The Creator 24
The Most High 25
Our Helper the Lord Jesus 27
The Righteous One 29 Psalm 12 His Words Are Pure 30 Psalm 13 Forgotten? Never 31 Psalm 14 Israel will turn to Christ 32
The Resurrection Psalm 33
Great is the Lord 92
The Secret JHWH Elohim and Jesus are ONE 50
Lord JHWH Jewish scribes started writing Lord or Adonay about 300 BC Some say Jehovah or Yahweh but no one knows the vowels or pronunciati...
Hears Prayer 119 God Creator 183
Our Sanctuary 141 200
He shall tread down Psalm 128 Blesses out of Zion255 our enemies 216
They shook their heads at Him 218

In His Likeness 34
Our Rock Our Strength 36
The Lord My Strength and Redeemer 39
The Allpowerful Name 41
Joy in His Strength 42 Psalm 22 Jesus on the Cross the Good Shepherd 44
The King of Glory 48 Psalm 28 Our Rock 55
He lifted me 58
Into Your Hand I
JHWH Our Hiding Place does not impute iniquity61
The goodness of the Lord 63
He is good 64
Our God and Defender 66
Fountain of Life 69
How to be blessed by the Giver 70
He opened not His mouth 73
He Is Our Life 75
He heard you do you hear Him? 76
The Son of man betrayed 78
El The Rock Christ Jesus 80
The Light and the Hope 82
King Elohim is King Jesus 84
Worship Him 87
Our Refuge and Strength 89
The Most High God Our King 90
JHWH said unto Adonay 221
The works of the Lord 222
His Seed Mighty and Blessed 224
Tremble before Him 225
Trust in Him 226
Take the cup of salvation 228
Blessings 256
Forgiveness with Him 257
Our Hope 259
Brotherly love 261
Messianic Psalm 134 261
The God of God 264 Psalm 137 Babylonian Captivity 266
The Word 267
The Right Hand 268
Dwelling in His Presence 271
The Truth 230
No man cared for my 230 Psalm 119 We need Jesus 232
Subdues 276
Messianic Psalm 145 The King
and Everlasting Kingdom 277 Psalm 146 The Resurrection and the Life 279
Allknowing God 280 Psalm 148 Praise Him 283
Praise Him with Instruments 285

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