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The campaign of 1896 was a remarkable one whether we measure in by The magnetude of the imus inostred or by the depth of interech aroused. I have been led to undutake the

prend work hy a desire, fica by myself and exprend by others, to have the more in partant inciduils of the campaign fuck into permanent form for the courencance of those who have taken part in the content and for the use of those who shall hereafter desire to review the struggle the amount of work done by the advocates of free coinage is ben

youd computation and the number of those who took an active part in the contest is too great for enumeration. These facts, Together with the difficulty of choosing beatween so many muritoriaus spruchs, have compelled me to linit quotations to the adduses made

— dола им, аммо вала, in an official or dimin officise capacity, and to the principal spurchrs delivered by mpuh. I have added a brief history

of the campaign, incelending a discussion of the election return and the significana thirecho It has also been thought heat to now rate the part Token by me in the silence agitan tion prior to the Chicano Coureition, and, at the request of the Publishers, I have ina cleard a biographical sketch written by urs Beyan.

HJBryan Lincoln neh.



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