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These Scriptural lessons are designed for such young persons as have attained an age sufficiently mature to admit of some appreciation of their high importance. It may not be needful that they should be verbally recitedsuitable questions may be proposed by the teacher. And to the parent, or the tutor, as well as to the learner, if imbued with a desire to become instructed in the things that pertain unto life and godliness,” this small volume may prove an humble instrument in promoting an increase of that knowledge of God, and of His Christ, which is life eternal.

To every one of us is the animating exhortation applied, “ Acquaint thyself with God, and be at peace.”



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IN preparing this little work the Author has endeavoured to convey scriptural instruction, as much as possible, in the language of the Bible. This sometimes involves a degree of repetition which might be objectionable, were it not that it appears to be counteracted by the impressive sublimity of the beautifully simple style of the Sacred Volume, which no uninspired composition can ever equal. With the exception of a very few explanatory notes no other book has been consulted: and no quotations are introduced, save from the Divine record. The passages selected from Holy Scripture are necessarily very numerous : references to the chapters


and verses whence they are taken are not generally given: but the youthful Reader will find that, by consulting a Concordance they will become the more permanently fixed on the memory;

and the Author believes that they will be found to be correct. It has frequently been desirable, in pursuing the thread of history or narrative, to introduce into the same paragraph, quotations from different books of the Sacred Volume.

CHAP.I.-Within the compass ofeternityor of that immeasurable space which subsists without beginning and without end, and which is comprehended only by that Infinite and Mysterious Being who is the Creator and Upholder of all things—there arrived a period when this earth, and all the vast system of beings connected with it, were called forth into existence. Then commenced the era of what is called TIME-or the space in which this creation should subsist—and which,

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