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The joy of the Brazilian Slave on finding a Diamond of sufficient weight to ensure his freedom, illustrative

of the state of soul of the Man who finds the Pearl of great price—The Breast-plate of Aaron, glittering
with twelve precious stones, considered in its typical character, Exod. xxviii. 29; Heb. x. 21–
The Lord, as a Refiner, purifies his children, Mal. iii. 3—Job xxiii. 10, opens out the same truth
-The Word of God more precious than Gold, Psalm cxix. 72, 127—-Proverbs iii. 14; and viii. 19, on
the same subject- The glory of Jerusalem in the last days set forth under a variety of the Emblems
of this day, Isaiah lx.-Threatened Judgments on Israel, if disobedient; the Heavens Iron, the
Earth Brass, Lev. xxvi. 19- Israel, cast off from God, compared to reprobate Silver, Jer. vi. 30
--The Lord the Rock of Strength to his People, Deut. xxxii. 4.- The Rock that followed Israel declared
to be Christ, 1 Cor. x. 4-The Lord Jesus also the Chief Corner Stone, 1 Pet. ii. 6; and the Shadow
of a Grenl Rock in a weary land, Isaiah xxxii. 2-The Wicked call on the Rocks to cover them, Rev.



Introduction-Anecdote of the little Boy at D. relative to Noah's Ark—The blessing of Judah considered-

Genesis xlix. 9, 10 compared with Rev. v. 146-The Righteous bold as the Lion, Prov. xxviii. 1-
Striking passage of illustration in Hosea v. 14—The figure of the Lion sometimes used to denote the
Enemy's power, 1 Pet. v. 8; 2 Tim. iv. 17, 18; Isaiah xxxv. 9, 10-The Lion in the last days shall be
trodden under foot, Psalm xci. 13, and Israel in the last days shall rise into power, and be as the Lion-
The Wolf fearfully descriptive of the power of the Enemy-Jer. v. 6 considered; also Hab. i. 8; Zeph. iii.
3; Acts xx.-But in the reign of peace the Wolf shall feed with the Lamb, Isaiah xi.-The Bear the
emblem of fury, Prov. xvii. 12 considered-- The Fox the emblem of cunning, Cant. ii. 15 examined ;
also Luke xiji. 32—The Ox the example of patience and faithful labour, Psalm cxliv.-The Lamb-
no emblem in the Scripture of such frequent use--various passages examined into, 1 Pet. i. 19, 20;
Rev. xiii. 8; John i. 29; and many others—The Sheep, the Lord as a Sheep before its Shearers,

Isaiah liii.--The Goat—the Parable of the Sheep and Goats considered—The Camel-Isaiah lx. 6, 7,
quoted and examined, also other passages—The Horse-Prov. xxi. 31, compared with Job xxxix. 19–24–
The Ass knows its master's crib, strong reproof to Israel, Isaiah i. 3—The Lord's riding into Jerusalem
considered— The Swine and Dog awfully alluded to in 2 Pet. ii. 22—The Serpent the emblem of cruelty,
cunning, and deceit, set forth in some striking passages--The Ant, Coney, Locust, and Spider considered
in that most forcible word, Prov xxx. 2428The Bees but once alluded to, but with great force-The
Fly, Eccles. x. 1-The Leech, Prov. xxx. 15—The Grasshopper, Numb. xiii. 33; Eccles. xii. 5—The Worm,
Job x. 26, 27--Conclusion, from Cowper :-

“Come, then, and, added to thy many crowns,

Receive yet one, as radiant as the rest,
Due to thy last, and most effectual work-
Thy word fulfilled—the conquest of a world!".

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